5 Health Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

You love your cat and you try to give them everything they need. But did you know how much they give back to you? Below are just a few of the ways that your kitty helps enrich your life AND your health.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety: Owning a cat can be soothing and trigger calming chemicals in the body, decreasing stress and anxiety levels. A simple petting session is often enough to relax owners and distract them from everyday troubles. 

  • Boosts immunity: Exposure to pet dander and fur in the house can result in an increased resistance to allergens, decreasing risk for allergies and asthma.

  • Lowers blood pressure: Cat owners are known to have lower blood pressure than non-cat owners due to the calming presence cats provide. One study was conducted with a room full of cat owners. In the study, the owners would speak aloud, which naturally elevated blood pressure levels, but when the owners were observed speaking with their cats, their blood pressure remained constant.

  • Decreases risk of stroke, heart disease and heart attacks: A study conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute in Minneapolis have shown that those who do not own cats are 30-40% more likely to die of heart attacks than their cat-owning counterparts.  Studies also show that cat owners are less likely for risk of stroke than any other pet owner. Many researchers believe this is because of a cat’s low-maintenance ownership.

  • Increase sociability and provide companionship: Cat ownership provides a natural conversation starter and can enhance the owner’s ability to socialize. Owning a cat can also reduce feelings of loneliness. A Swiss study conducted in 2003 revealed that owning a cat is similar to having a romantic partner.

With all of these benefits and their kitty lovings, how could you ever not want to own a little furball of your own?  


The KCK Team